What is Cozy Express?

Cozy Express is a banner NFT project set in the Kagami Kingdoms world. Driven by an ongoing necessity to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 Cozy Express is our attempt to integrate both worlds through offerings new and old. For more details please see here.

In 1 sentence, explain what makes you different:

We fundamentally understand that the web3 is a one part cultural and one part business experience unlike anything we have ever seen before and our goal is to take your ownership seriously while delivering a breathtaking experience through community, innovation and a desire to champion a world class NFT brand.

How big is the collection?

Our initial collection, Cozy Express, will consist of 10,000 banner NFTs.

What chain and contract are we using?

We will be using Ethereum as our chain of choice and ERC721A will be our delivery vehicle.

Who's the team behind Cozy Express?

Cozy Express is an American led NFT by Vesayen and Bioxide. Together, they have rallied other individuals from all corners of the Earth to create the Cozy Express brand. You can learn more about the team here.

Are you related to another NFT project called Cozies?

No, this is the first project from our team and we are not affiliated with any other project currently in existence!.

How big is your allow list?


How much will it cost?


What are the secondary royalties and how will the funds be used?

Royalties will be set at 5% and the funds will be used to help facilitate the development of real world use cases for our brand so that we aren't solely relying on dropping more NFT content to extend the longevity of the brand.

When are you minting?